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Who are we?
Computer Link Magazine is the one and only monthly computer publication distributed throughout Rochester, New York to area business owners and managers, Information Technology professionals, and home computer users.  Circulation is free, and consists of hundreds of targeted distribution locations such as Computer Stores, Training Centers, Office Buildings, Wegmans Supermarkets, Newsstands, Computer Events, Banks, Colleges, Libraries, Restaurants and many other high-traffic locations, as well as a fast growing subscriber base.  Current readership is 90,000 qualified computer users.

Computer Link Magazine published its first issue in June of 1997, and has since added a Computer Careers & Training section, as well as Techbytes, a technology news briefs column.  Columnists have helped add more of a variety of topics and views on the technology that's affecting our lives today, and most work in a particular sector of the computer market.

Why Computer Link Magazine?Cover Image
Computer Link Magazine is Rochester's one and only computer resource guide.  It is THE place for local computer users to look and see what's going on in the local computer scene, or get information on new developments within the industry.

Our readership is a qualified and targeted computer-using audience.  Our readers are the ideal audience for computer resellers, Internet companies, software firms, consultants, cellular & paging companies, high-tech recruiters and employers, training centers and colleges, and plainly those companies looking to reach a technology-enthusiastic audience.  Plus, Computer Link Magazine is the only effective medium in Rochester for companies to announce or promote their Website and Online presence.

Is This a Business or Consumer Magazine?
Both.  Computer Link Magazine is considered a general-interest computer publication because it contains various departments to appeal to different types of users.   Actually, research shows that business users are also home users, so a fully inclusive publication is what appeals most to our readers.

If you target only businesses, this is where you want to be.  Our Business Advisor department is where those interested in corporate computing go for the latest in business technology.  Specially chosen articles combined with distribution targeting business users of technology, and corporate advertising make Computer Link Magazine a true corporate computing resource.

If you seek to reach just home users, then our @Home department is an option to place your ad.  However, both industry and internal research has shown that most readers read cover to cover.  Being a 36 page publication, and offering the most interesting, current and appealing editorial, our readers say that the departments don't influence their reading pattern -- they read it cover to cover.

The Right Content
Computer Link Magazine publishes both local and global current technology news stories, articles and events.  We work closely with local technology companies, and have a network of IT professionals that we consult with in order to get the latest local developments and have coverage of any computer-related event.

Articles are easy to read, and aren't jam-packed with industry jargon that only the advanced users will understand.  We strive on producing a quality publication that any level computer user will be able to read.

From the President

"If you seek to reach individuals interested in computers, the Internet, or just technology in general, Computer Link Magazine is the advertising vehicle for you."

"We're a computer magazine; you're seeking an avenue to advertise your computer-related products or services; and we reach a very unique and targeted audience -- the perfect marriage.  Our rates are extremely competitive, and they're monthly, so you get four weeks of exposure for much less than the rate of running in a bi-weekly for four weeks."

"Give us a call.  Either myself or one of our advertising executives would be happy to discuss how we could best meet your marketing needs.  Or, just call some of our advertisers, and hear the success stories from businesses that are currently advertising with us."

Justin E. Ziemniak

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